How to Become a Poker Millionaire

How to Become a Poker Millionaire

Thence you can conclude that he is not so much excited. He is waiting for the moment when he will become the one hundredth man to earn a living from poker. Each day a thousand men compete with each other in the same country, all dreaming to reach the championship and to become the newest poker millionaire. But here is a slightly different poker player. This man does not want to become a millionaire, and he does not want to compete with other men. He is simply there to enjoy, to make a few bets, to profiling the other players and to win.

This poker player live and breathe poker, ate and drank only domino88, sleep less than an hour a night, they play 22 hours a day and they are not getting rich. This man is there to prepare himself for the moment when he will be a millionaire and he makes this statement about other players: “they play too hard, they are all losers, I will do better.”

This subtle statement by a millionaire in a team raises a question in the mind: “what does it take to be a winner?”

The answer ischips. Every successful person was either a winner or a loser at something or other. Winners are disciplined and prepared, and they are ready to apply the right psychological tactics to increase their skill and their profits. Losers are often only addicts in need of a cheerful dream that somewhere or someplace else gives them the wrong idea, or the wrong advice. Maybe they have never been winners and they expect to be winners.

Unlike professionals in poker who take winning as one of the most important aspects of their existence, these types of people have no trouble living life as they are. But woe to the professional poker player that expects his entire income to be wiped out in one big poker game! His pockets are full, but he does not know how to stop the bleeding.

His emotional state does not condition his state of mind. He could be at his best when he is at his best. Get him when he is not at his best. Make him believe in his ill informed opinion. Do not let him make the mistakes that other players make. Ignore his obvious mistakes. Make your money while you can still take a swing at the pot.

Professional poker players play the game differently when they have a lot of chips than they do when they are short. They do not abide by scare tactics. They do not fear no limit hold’em because it is more interesting and challenging when they have lots of chips than it is when they have a lot of chips.

Like many other professionals, they guard their weaknesses as a game is a game. They will do this until the moment arrives when they will no longer be able to hide their weaknesses, when its too late for them to back out.

You will not be able to punish them for looking for ways out of the game. So, be patient, evaluate your hand, and wait for their mistake so you can play your finest hand.