Limit Texas Holdem

Limit Texas Holdem

Limit Texas Holdem Č Limit Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game in the world, and in many countries it is the exclusively legal game. It is an elegant game with a polite etiquette expected of its players. Also, its rules are easily learned by even the complete novices. For those who have a hard time understanding the minute intricacies of limit holdem, let me give you some idea.

A great benefit of limit holdem is that unlike typical no-limit holdem, you can’t raise in every hand to scare other players out of the game. You have to opt for carefully chosen hands in pre-flop and flop. Hands you can raise with are premium hands A-A, K-K, Q-Q, and also A-K suited or better. Also, you can reraise with those hands, but the amount you can reraise is limited to the big blind amount.

A limit is set by the number of forced bets the table will be allowed to make in the pre-flop and flop. For example, a limit for the pre-flop would be four bets max. In a game of flop, the number of bets in the flop would be three only, and no more.

Let’s look at some sample hands.

  • A-A:

Since your A-A hand counts as a premium hand, in limit, it comes down to whether or not you can scare other players out of the game with a large bet. You can do this by forcing poor pots odds on your opponents. For example, if you make a flush in the lower blind, a player who is a underdog to your flush might choose to call rather than get raised, fearing you might have a better hand.

Either way, once you have somewhat of an edge in the hand, it’s usually a good idea to test the water with some sort of semi-bluff before you push. Even if you’re on the draw, a flushed river might give you a decent read on your opponents and get them to fold.

  • K-K:

An ace high straight is a very powerful hand, but as your opponents who know you well will likely raise in front of you, you will likely need a stronger hand to fight back. For example, an A-5-3-2-J hand is a good hand to run through with the initial amount. Unlike in Texas Holdem, you will likely not have a hand that needs to be improved in order to win a large pot.

  • Q-Q:

Your ability to Rum Raise with this hand is limited, so you better hope that the players in the blind are skilled enough to give you a hard time. This is a hand that you can’t afford to waste chips on. The way to win with Q-Q is to hit your straight or flush.

  • A-Q:

This is a starting hand where you can get knocked out early if you’re playing against very good players. A-Qs is the hand you’re looking for a high card, a full house or a wheel. A-So is the hand you’ll be hoping for a high card.

  • T-J:

A pair of tens with a kicker is the hand you always want to have, preferably suited.

  • 9-8:

This is the hand you always want to have; just make sure the board is 9-8 or better.

  • 6-5s:

Dewapoker hardly ever have more than two pair, and a pair of five’s is a sufficient hand to win two rounds.

  • A-J:

This is the beginner’s hand. Advanced players will throw it around more, but for now you can safely throw it around if no one’s in there. Remember, if two players have two 8’s, the high card wins.

  • K-Q:

K-pots are the hands that win money, hands that win pots, and hands that break the bank. If you have a good one, you already have the best hand. If not, it’s still good.

  • A-J suited:

Always play this hand pre-flop. It’s almost impossible for another player to have a better hand. Plus, if you two aces, you already have the best hand.

  • A-J not suited:

The same as the suited hand, except you don’t want two aces. You might still have a stronger hand, though.

  • K-10:

A good hand. Only raise with a pair, never three of a kind or four of a kind. 10’s are a little surprising in that you don’t want just one, two or three of a kind, but all of them. They’re good hands and you only want to be in the situation where you have the best hand.