Remember to Visitounding Bookmakers

Did you ever wonder about the betting exchanges but remain mindful that it is far better to back than to back away?

Every event in the world carries a prospective of probability and it is through the wheel of probability where money is earned and lost.

On the internet you will find many betting websites hopping around like the Cracking cross which may seem a pretty penny pinching approach, but hey if you want to know how to bet don’t just minded about money losing bets but start minded about moneyraising bets then maybe this is the platform for you.

Firstly online betting exchanges offer you the facility to bet on any sport from horse racing all the way through to snooker, football, tennis, golf, baseball, cricket, hockey, cricket, football, rugby, baseball and so on. Betting exchanges have in addition the worlds largest selection of betting odds for you to choose from.

When you take online betting you are tempting yourself to spend some substantial amount of your otherwise harder earned cash, just to push the odds slightly in your favour.

If you are betting on football and a certain player wasn’t selected, you will have to gamble, day after day, and hope the team you backed does win, by following your heart.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t quite work like that. Let me give you an example that will serve as a warning to all future punters.

As I was saying, the favourite team wins, therefore you back the team you think will win. Now, due to an unfavourable weather condition, the team may not be able to play, therefore you are stuck with the team you wish to back.

Find me a better way to bet than that!

Let me explain further.

Now, whether it is horse racing, football, tennis, golf, baseball, or any other sport, whenever there is a potential of a certain outcome occurring, i.e. a home team to win a match or the opposite team to lose, you will always find that there is a pre-determined probability of that outcome occurring.

Now, the people who run the betting exchange, or the bookmakers, know that even if the eventual outcome is a certain loss to you, there will always be a certain number of people betting on the results. And the number of people betting on the results will be in the hundreds of thousands, not the millions. Because, when a favored home team wins, hundreds of thousands of people will bet on the match, whereas, just a few people will bet on the away team.

In that example, just the betting on the home team would not have been profitable for you. Therefore, to profit from betting on the results, you need to have been backing the underdog at a higher price than the home team.

You can also bet on the odds, the score or even the margin of victory.

Just remember that, whenever you choose to back something, you are always potentially backing the wrong thing. In the example above, if you backed the home team, you stand to lose £400, whichever team wins. If you backed the away team, you would win £100 as long as the away team wins the match.

If I had backed Man City to win the Premiership, I would have made a fortune. Every match where they don’t win the match, I win £400, whereas, if the away team wins, I only make £100 profit.

This profit figure will vary slightly in each instance, but is not dependent on the outcome of the match. This is because I am trading and I am able to guarantee that I will profit whatever the outcome of the match.

Why Betfair Is Like The Stock Market

Just like the stock market, the more money that goes in, the more profit you will make.

How this works is that, if I imagine that the underdog is 9/1 to beat the favourite, I will place 9 bets. If I want to make £100, I need to bet £100.

To get the £100 back, I have to bet £110. Because I am trading, I know that I will lose £10 and my profit is £100. This means that I am getting £100 for the price of £100.

Why Betfair Is Like Stock Market

The performance of any market is unpredictable. markets are not static, they go up and down, shares are regularly in a stock market rout, so you should never expect to make any cult status from trading.

The advent of Betfair has allowed me to get out of the stock market which I was stuck in for over 5 years. I had all but given up when the performance of the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, causing a massive drop in living standards across the board.

Could You Do Betfair Trading At The Racecourse?