TCU at BYU 2/2 to be Bowl eligible

TCU at BYU 2/2 to be Bowl eligible

It only takes two second-half possessions to turn a near disaster (Texas A&M nearly had this last week) into a victory. Last week I wrote about how I thought TCU had a legit chance to beat BYU on the road in Provo. Well those plans changed all of a sudden as the Beavers won 16-13. Well at halftime I actually thought TCU had a real chance as they were up by two touchdowns going into the break. Then in the third quarter they were outscored 21-3 by the Cougars to the tune of 83-Jones. BYU had four turnovers and simply put out a poor effort. They also made some bad reads on defense allowing Kansas so many points.

For the second straight week TCU will have a chance at some long drives as they nearly pulled off an miracle comeback at BYU. After falling behind 17-3, the Horned Frogs drove 80 yards in less than a minute to cut the deficit to three scores. However, the Cougars defense came up with big hits as it held TCU to 6 fieldgoes and touchdown draws. BYU won the time of possession battle by over 15 minutes but weren’t really a factor as they had only 163 yards in total offense.

For TCU this was their second road game of the season. They also traveled to Iowa State last week in a big way. TCU is on the road again this week as they visit UAB. If the Horned Frogs can somehow survive this road stretch we may learn more about the reasons behind their success on the road. Is it simply the location, maybe playing in FAR more friendlies than conference games? Is it playing with better teams that may have been installed as cupcakes ATS as the norm? I would believe it is all of the above.

For the Horned Frogs, they did pretty good vs the run this week holding Aggies to 85 yards on the ground. We don’t know if that was climate of the Dolphin’s home, or the fact that the Cajuns were disgusted with themselves after being handling Memphis that they needed a bye. Regardless of the reason TCU was so successful this week in C-USA, they are all, basically, the same. They’re going to need to do the same against the Bulls to advance.

TCU has another big test this week as they visit Johnson County. JUCO Player of the Year Adrian Peterson is still playing like a freshman and the names on the stat sheet are still limited. But the home team has to score. Actually, remember, the last time TCU was in Johnson County? They beat Baylor 27-7. There’s a big reason the Horned Frogs are ranked higher than the Bears. They’re not just ranked higher, they’re the only team in the nation with a rush and passing offense rating higher than theirs.TSU beats Baylor for the third straight week with a strong defense. How good is it? They’re the third team this year to hold Baylor to fewer than 100 total yards and the sixth team to allow fewer than 210 total yards per game.

Texas Tech is like the Oklahoma State of the Big 12. They can pass and they can run and they can score, as well. They are balanced in so many ways, which makes them such a difficult opponent. When this team was good, it was good. But when this team was bad, it was the worst. This team is going to be a very good team, believe it or not, offensively. Lapak303 the ability to pass and control the game, which is why he is a quarterback. Tech comeback from down big at the half to win. QBorns has that ability to control games. Throw in awesome speed and you have yourself a potential Heisman candidate. If he stays healthy, this will be his year to shine.

You know this team well. They are going to beitty minute later. QBorns has an uncanny ability to throw the football and he is an incredible athlete with a quick release. When he rolls out, you know he is going for the touchdown. Tech comeback from a late field goal to win by two, 23-20.

18/20 knife-handed groun jacket: Taking into account everything that has happened already, this is the price for the first place in the Big 12 North. Iowa St. is 9-3 in their last 12 after one of these 1-AA schools beats up on another small school. Iowa St. is 19-6 overall, 16-9 ATS in their last 28 games when playing a non-conference team, while Colorado is 13-5 overall and 15-7 ATS in their last 29. The Buffaloes have lost to Oklahoma St. and Texas Tech by the exact same margin, 23-14, while Iowa St. was out gained by two touchdowns.