Best Poker Cardrooms

Best Poker Cardrooms

So, you’re going to Vegas for a vacation and you’re not sure where to play poker games. A lot of people have no idea about where to go to play poker games. In the poker world, everyone knows Vegas is filled with poker games. You’re going to have to travel quite a bit to find poker rooms that are good for your needs and your style. There are many poker cardrooms in Vegas and each one has its own unique sounds and features. Here are some of the best poker cardrooms in Vegas:


If you want elite play in a nice clean casino, then Bellagio is the best poker room in Vegas. The poker room is located in the MGM Grand Hotel Casino and has some of the best tables that you can find in a poker room. They feature a lot of flavor with theirasty chip selection, awesome blackjack selection and even a nice little wide collecting slot for your slot machine. All of the features here are second to none and that is why this is the best poker room in Las Vegas.


The Paris is a nice room but check out the people in the room. I know you want to sit with specific people, and this is the spot but if you’re trying to group with a specific person, make sure it’s cool! The casino is hollywood and has not changed in 2 years. Overall it’s a solid room with good features. If you’re going to Vegas, check out the Paris.

Redeemed Mecca

If you’re going to gamble, you’re going to gamble big in Vegas and this is the place to do it. Check out the fine dining experience. Plus you can play some penny tournaments for cheap if you’re new. The Mecca poker room is hollywood and features a wide variety of poker games from Omaha to Texas Hold’em and everything in between.

The Venetian

The Venetian is brighter than the average poker room in Dewalive and features expensive furniture and trim, full service and a lot of love. The poker room is an impressive tales of fantasy and illusion. Need a drink from the bar? Just step out of the poker room and you’ll be served one. The Venetian has popular rooms that have hourly poker games. This is a great place for beginning poker players.


Binions is the second oldest poker room in Vegas and has been pumping out poker players for years. Binions is famous for their high stakes and exciting tournaments. Binions poker room is laid out on over 6,000 square feet of gaming area. Binions is a MUST visit on any trip to Vegas.

Rio All-Suite

The Rio, in downtown Las Vegas, is the biggest of the poker rooms. They have 40,000 square feet of live gaming area. The Rio is laid out on over 17,000 square feet of playing area. The Rio is a great place to win tournament Texas hold’em and limit hold’em. Binions, in less Las Vegas, is a little more laid back. You can skip the flop if you’re looking to save money. Binions has more of a professional poker room.

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand poker room is located in the heart of the strip on the Vegas Strip. The poker room is an impressive 21,000 square feet! The poker room is efficient and reliable and also a nice place to meet people. The room is Spanish style casino. The casino is offering advanced chip honored slot machines. Binions, in less Las Vegas, is more like a honky’s bar, or hole in the wall.