Sports Betting Money Management – Win Big by Understanding Sports Betting Money Management

Sports Betting Money Management - Win Big by Understanding Sports Betting Money Management

If you learn nothing new from the title of this article, you probably think I’m going to tell you how to get a winning bet on sporting events, then subsequently I’m going to tell you how to manage your sports betting money.  Nope, nothing revolutionary here.  However, if you actually take the time to think about the strategies for money management that are laid out in the Sports Betting Champ System, you will dramatically increase your odds of winning.

First, you have to know the importance of building wealth.  The book ”” the progressive betting of 50%, 80%, and 100% of your bankroll into a progressive account.  Then, the author explains how he funds it.  You don officials the amount of money you would need to set in order to take advantage of each bet.  Once done, you click on “especially the first bet” and place the first bet, which is probably even more than the tip indicated.  Then, you proceed to place other winning bets from the same 50% range, and you will end up with everything in the progressive account.

Then, why is this so important?  Simply stated, if you take the 50% of your bankroll into your progressive account, the chances of you running out of money are much less likely than if you were to maintain an account that did not progressives.

Also, you could win a bet, but still have the money in your pocket because of the bonus you received on the bet.  The bonus is a marketing term, but really it means win a little, win big.

The idea is to find the next betting opportunity and follow the advice to ” Loans, Gambling, and Losing Money.”  Follow that advice and eventually, one of two things will happen; your account will either have increased or you will have lost the amount you took out of your progressive account.

The other reason to always follow the advice given in the Sports Betting Champ guide is the need for a lot of discipline.  The need to prevent you from betting more than the amount of money you are willing to lose.  The progressive scheme is a very dangerous road to take, because a bet can go up due to the action in an already-online account, or because you accidently increased your bet when placing a holiday bet.

The Sports Betting Champ was designed by a PhD from Cornell University, using years of statistical research.  The thing to remember is that the more statistics you can feed into a computer, the easier it will eventually become to predict sporting events.  There is nothing progressive about this formula or its proponent.  You can earn a lot of money by following its advice, or you can lose a little by not following it.

I was tempted to buy the thing at the recommendation of a friend, who told me he was “utterly unimpressed” with the last thing he had heard about it.  Back in the good old days, there were predictions about golf, horse racing, baseball, and soccer, and she said the Sports Betting Champ system was very much like those other systems that seemed invincible.  Little did she know, they were all based on the same principle.

Of course, not all systems are the same, and the Sports Betting Champ has relation to other systems like the Sports Betting Professor, which is a highly successful system.  The difference is that this one addresses the need for a lot more individual information than the other systems do.  The amount of personal information required is far more daunting than those other systems, and the author does not give advice as to how to deal with it.  You are essentially gambling your way into a pit ofescapable risk, based on guessing and not on an adequate or successful formula.

In addition to the formula, you will receive access to a monthly international gambling Report.  This gives you updated information on the state of the art in online sports betting.  You can also make use of the Bookie Busters manual, which has many positive testimonials from clients.  He states that he makes over $1000 in each day, and you could be placing the same bets as he is placing.

The Bookie Buster has a far more successful and citeable history than many other systems.  You could potentially make the same or even more money, if you take the time to learn how to use the strategy, as he does.  It is absolutely imperative to take the time to look into his recommendations, as he will not provide you with a way out unless you have a way of coming out ahead.