Loving Moment

Loving Moment

I was in a security check point that I had entered a few weeks earlier. I was sharing a stall with a Muslim couple and a bunch of other people. A gentleman asked me about my religion before we started. I told him that I was Catholic. He assumed that I didn’t know anything about Christianity. I shared that I had a great, big, red roses sent to me by a saint in my dream that morning. He just looked at me and said “Oh”. I went on to tell him about the message in the roses, and how they are a reminder in my daily prayers. He didn’t say anything for a while. Then he blurted out “I like how you believe in the God who created you with your Mommy.” I said “Oh my gosh! You mean I created you with God’s Mother in heaven?” He was shocked and very weirded out. He was a total stranger, so I guess he was used pokerclub88 to that.

I continued talking about how I have learned a lot through my mistakes. He was blown away by that. I guess I will talk more about that in the future.

The rest of the day was a lot warmer up. I had higher hopes for the day, knowing that there was going to be a delay in the morning light, but I wasn’t worried. I sent up a prayer to my St. in heaven to please guide my people through the day to make it a lot brighter and easier for us to move through.

I was able to leave a little later in the morning, and I wanted to take some more pictures. I was searching for the first one that was really a lot closer to home, a lovers apple! I found it quickly and easily. Here is the picture.

I went out to the car with my Gideon Bible in hand, and started looking for a picture that I could put right to that St. There is none. I found a close up picture of an apple, and a couple other pictures that were left over from when I was a little girl that’s sitting on my parents lap. I couldn’t believe it. There is no way I could have taken those pictures when I was a little girl. When I look at the one I took the picture of, I realize that is me at 14 years old. I am literally holding the apple that my mother always used to eat when she would make apple pie. And I hold it in my hand that I will never eat it but I remember putting it there as a reminder that I will always love her.

I picked a couple of these pictures to show later and decided why don’t you look at them. And you are really looking at a picture of a couple of your sisters eating breakfast. And you see a picture of a Baptist preacher outside a seemingly abandoned building that you feel should be some kind of church, but nope, not really. He is preaching a message of hope and faith and giving thanks that he had the opportunity to minister to others even when he was on his last legs…the picture of a little boy with a school related banner that says “Welcome to the jungle” and the word “heaven”. And that’s where he went…

There are too many inspirational pictures and stories out there that we could have chosen from, but I chose the ones that stuck in my mind, and I thought about them, and resolved that I will take the day off and try to make them come alive on my laptop and thumb through them when I return home.

The funny thing is that I was in the exact spot where the sun would set us by the pool a few days earlier. Picture perfect. The clouds were hovering and the sky was that vibrant shades of green that signified the coming of spring. And suddenly all of those feelings that I was feeling vanished. I tried not to cry and was feeling so sad that I barely moved from that spot. It was very introspective and I think that it hurt. But then all of a sudden popped into my view what appeared to be a picture magazine about some people called “Living With A Wild God” and it wasere swearing under the picture picture that reads:

“If you try to go against nature, you will break.”

It hit me like a powerful mantra as if my guts were hurt and I was reminding myself to remain sitting. So I decided to write a letter to God and to send it to the essence of all nature and the Creator of all things to let them know how I felt and how sorry I was that I had been denying the opportunity to be happy with nature. And that if they saw me doing that, to turn away in disgust from all things nature related.

I immediately saw that there was noanswerand was confused as to what to do next.